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a collection of GreaseMonkey UserScripts

Updated 5 days ago

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Amazon simple Api for PHP

Updated 6 days ago

Android DEvice Backup And Report, using Bash and ADB

Updated 1 month ago

Pre-filled AppCache for Adebar, see https://codeberg.org/izzy/Adebar

Updated 1 month ago

displays the information of your Palms ​AquaDiveLog or your PCs Subsurface logbook on your website

Updated 2 months ago

F-Droid repo parser library for PHP

Updated 2 months ago

PHP library for VirusTotal.COM

Updated 3 months ago

a collection of scripts to ease the day-to-day work of an Oracle DBA

Updated 4 months ago

Canned comments for different SE sites to be used with Benjol/SE-AutoReviewComments

Updated 5 months ago

parse Changelog ("History") files and generate HTML pages

Updated 6 months ago

basic OPDS (and HTML) catalog provider for eBooks

Updated 6 months ago

Little helpers for your Banana Pi

Updated 6 months ago

HyperSQL is like a doxygen plus javadoc for SQL

Updated 6 months ago