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Reproducible Analysis with R and Git: This is a tutorial to start with reproducible analysis using R and Git.

Use and share it under the terms of the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license (see License).


Check the ReproducibleAnalysisRGit.html document for the tutorial. Save it and open it in your browser because Codeberg does not do well with displaying HTML files.
To download an HTML file from Codeberg, first display the “raw” file and then save it as HTML.

Alternatively, use Codeberg HTML Preview to render it directly.

Check the ReproducibleAnalysisRGit.Rmd file to see the source of the HTML document.

The ReproducibleAnalysisRGit.Rproj file is the RStudio project file.

The figs directory contains images used in the script.

The RStudioVersion.R file is script to get the used version of RStudio and write it to a TXT file (RStudioVersion.txt). This is necessary as the function RStudio.Version() can only be run in an interactive session (see this post for details).


I am grateful for every feedback.
Feel free to correct and comment this tutorial; I will try to improve it as much as I can!