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A system architecture SVG for documentation purposes, etc.

Interpeer System Architecture

  • Network Layer: it's feasible/planned to create packeteer connectors that operate directly on data link layer protocols.

  • Transport Layer: channeler has its own addressing scheme; given a routing protocol, it could operate on the transport layer directly.

  • Session Layer: mostly, channeler uses packeteer's socket API abstraction, in particular AF_LOCAL and UDP sockets. Moldoveanu is intended to be an enhanced (and incompatible) version of Kademlia. Hubur is intended to be a streaming protocol operating at the vessel extent level of granularity.

  • Presentation Layer: CAProck integrates with vessel, but also exposes an API upwards for managing distributed authentication. vessel is a streaming-optimized container file format with multi-authoring considerations built in. Finally, wyrd is an API and plugin framework for representing files as a series of incremental modifications via a CRDT.

  • Application Layer: The GObject and Android SDKs provide application developer APIs for the stack, with other SDKs feasible.

  • Layer Spanning: liberate is a platform abstraction library used in multiple projects. Similarly, s3kr1t encapsulates crypto libraries such that their respective APIs do not need to be known in the other code bases.