A repository containing a development example of the configurations needed to run the whole Instrumentality platform.
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Instrumentality examples

It contains: docker-compose file, genesis block, docker config for iroha, ed25519/sha3 keys compatible with iroha, example of private configs for python API


How to start the containers

  1. Have docker and docker-compose installed and functional.
  2. Clone this repo.
  3. cd instrumentality-container-config
  4. docker-compose -f docker-orchestra.yaml up

How to stop the containers

  1. Press CTRL + C to stop containers then run
  2. docker-compose -f docker-orchestra.yaml down to delete them and the created networks.

Batteries included

Inside you’ll find:

  • Sonata: The Instrumentality platform: running on localhost:8080
  • Minuet: The Python(Flask) API responsible for communicating with the Iroha ledger: running on localhost:9000
  • Scherzo: A PostgreSQL database used by Iroha to store data. Communicates only with Minuet and Rondo
  • Rondo: The Hyperledger Iroha distributed ledger. Communicates only with Minuet and Scherzo.
  • Requiem: A redis database that communicates only with Minuet. It is used to store authorization tokens that expire.

Instrumentality containers

The first three services are Instrumentality containers and their Dockerfiles are available here: