Christopher Howard infrared

A collection of words I've coded that are generically useful for programming in Mecrisp Stellaris for the RP2040 target.

Updated 20 hours ago

RP2040 forth driver for HD44780U-compatible LCD character displays. Written for Mecrisp Stellaris Forth.

Updated 4 months ago

Contains Punyforth code to have an ESP-12E (ESP8266) transmit temperature data as UDP packets. The project is released mainly to share Punyforth words for 1-Wire bus communication and DS18B20 communication.

Updated 5 months ago

Code from practice problems in learning x86-64 assembly.

Updated 7 months ago

A project to control the MCP23S17 GPIO expander chip with FlashForth

Updated 1 year ago

2732A EPROM reader and programmer

Updated 1 year ago

FlashForth code to control a max7219-based LED module using an ATmega328P microcontroller.

Updated 1 year ago

ff-ad9833 is an audio project for FlashForth and the AD9833

Updated 1 year ago