Christopher Howard infrared

This code can be used to allow a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller, running Mecrisp Stellaris Forth, to read the data from any 2764 compatible EPROM chip, or write data to an AT28C64B chip, and therefore to copy data from one to the other.

Updated 2 months ago

A collection of words I've coded that are generically useful for programming in Mecrisp Stellaris for the RP2040 target.

Updated 2 months ago

RP2040 forth driver for HD44780U-compatible LCD character displays. Written for Mecrisp Stellaris Forth.

Updated 6 months ago

Contains Punyforth code to have an ESP-12E (ESP8266) transmit temperature data as UDP packets. The project is released mainly to share Punyforth words for 1-Wire bus communication and DS18B20 communication.

Updated 7 months ago

Code from practice problems in learning x86-64 assembly.

Updated 9 months ago

A project to control the MCP23S17 GPIO expander chip with FlashForth

Updated 1 year ago

2732A EPROM reader and programmer

Updated 1 year ago

FlashForth code to control a max7219-based LED module using an ATmega328P microcontroller.

Updated 1 year ago

ff-ad9833 is an audio project for FlashForth and the AD9833

Updated 2 years ago