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Inferencium Network - Website

Inferencium Network website.


All content is licensed under MIT License.


All files are checked for security issues; however, it is always the
user's responsibility to audit the code before installing and/or executing

The maintainers take no responsibility for any security issues which
may arise due to usage of this repository.



To contribute to the project, submit a pull request. All pull requests
are subject to approval.

Code must follow the standard style for Inferencium Network code:
- 80 character column limit.
- Tab indents.
- 1 tab indent equals 4 columns.
- Comments must be used for each different block of code.
- Comments must be concise. Do not make comments longer than necessary.
- Code and comments must be professional. No funny or vulgar code or

Files must be stored in their related directories.

Text files must be stored as plain text (.txt) or Markdown (.md) files.

All dates and times must be ISO 8601 compliant (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM).

All filenames must be most significant to least significant, lowercase, and
hyphens must be used instead of spaces.



Development branch. All pre-alpha development and alpha testing happens
Merge requests must be made to the dev branch.


Beta branch. All beta testing of the software happens here.


Stable branch. Complete and stable versions of the software are stored