A tiny “Whats my IP address” - service written in Lua, using the lua-http library. https://wmi.kokolor.es
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A tiny "Whats my IP address" - service written in Lua, using the lua-http library.


Currently it is recommand to run this service behind nginx.


Docker installation

There is a docker image, which is the easiest way to run this service. Just do

docker run -it -d --rm --init -p imolein/wmia:latest

To configure the service you can run docker with the following environment variables:


for example:

docker run -it -d --rm --init -p -e WMIA_HOST= -e WMIA_PORT=9090 -e WMIA_HTML_ROOT=./html -e WMIA_DOMAIN=example.com imolein/wmia:latest

Or you use docker-compose and the example docker-compose.yaml file from this repository.

Manual installation

apt install lua5.4 nginx
  • Create a new user
adduser wmia
  • Login as the user:
su -l wmia
  • Clone the repository
git clone https://git.kokolor.es/imo/whats-my-ip-address.git
  • Change into the new folder
cd whats-my-ip-address/
  • Initialize luarocks for this project
luarocks init
luarocks init --reset    # see issue https://github.com/luarocks/luarocks/issues/924

The benefit is, that luarocks will now install new modules in this folder, which keeps the rest of the system clean. But if you want to install the modules for the whole user or the whole system you can do this as well.

  • Now install the modules via luarocks
luarocks install http
luarocks install mimetypes
luarocks install luafilesystem
  • Rename the sample config file and edit it with your favorite editor
cp config.cfg.lua{.sample,}
  • Log back in as root and copy the systemd service file if you use systemd
cp /home/wmia/whats-my-ip-address/install/wmia.service /etc/systemd/system/
  • Before activating the service, check if all paths are correct in the service file. If you didn't use luarocks init make sure you change the path to the Lua executable in ExecStart.
systemctl enable wmia.service
systemctl start wmia.service

If all paths are correctly, the service should start and be reachable locally

  • I don't describe how to configure nginx here, but you can find an example configuration in /install, which you can use