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Dockerfiles to build Lua and Luarocks docker images.
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Sebastian Huebner f0fd5a17c1
Updated README
3 months ago
lua Build lua with plattform linux instead of posix This will prevent errors with libraries written in C which use dynamic libraries, for example luafilesystem (See Maybe building lua with posix and -DLUA_USE_DLOPEN will work too, but I didn't test it. 3 months ago
luarocks Install build evironment The benefit is, the tests are faster, because you don't have to set up the build environment before you install packages like luafilesystem etc. The disadvantage is, the image is around 180MB instead of the clean version from akorn with 12MB. 3 months ago Updated README 3 months ago Removed luajit and nginx from 3 months ago

Docker Library

This repository is a fork from akornatskyy/docker-library with some changes to fit my setup:

  • Removed luajit and nginx, cause I don’t need it
  • Lua is build with plattform linux, instead of posix, so I don’t get the error dynamic libraries not enabled; check your Lua installation when loading libraries like luafilesystem (Issue)
  • Install build environment and keep it in luarocks images, so I don’t have to install it every time when I want to test something which involves libraries written in C
    • Disadvantage: The images are around 180MB instead of the sexy 12MB without the build environment

I don’t have a Docker Hub account, so you have to clone the repository and build the Docker images on your own (manually or using the scripts). Maybe I’ll create one in the future.