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Updated 2023-09-19 10:53:39 +00:00

A dummy package whose sole purpose is to clean up ubuntu-advantage-tools without breaking the dependencies of other packages that depend on it for no reason at all.

Updated 2023-08-23 07:45:10 +00:00

Dockerfiles to build Lua and Luarocks docker images.

Updated 2023-08-02 22:13:14 +00:00

Lösungen zu kürzlich wiedergefunden Programmieraufgaben meiner Ausbildung

Updated 2023-04-09 16:13:24 +00:00

A tiny lua library which provide an easy-to-use interface for the Qualys SSL Labs Server Test API (v3).

Updated 2023-02-27 14:53:10 +00:00


lpheus - lua prosody http_external_upload storage (WIP)

Updated 2023-02-27 14:52:32 +00:00

A tiny logging module for Lua.

Updated 2023-02-27 14:51:51 +00:00

Meine Lösungen zur Coding Challenge vom YouTube Channel Morpheus Tutorials

Updated 2023-02-27 14:49:44 +00:00


Eine kleines Modul, zum fetchen und submitten von Coding Challenges von The Morpheus Tutorials

Updated 2023-02-27 14:48:51 +00:00

Module for Jitsi's Prosody server, which provides an HTTP endpoint that can be used to request information about open conferences via Zulip.

Updated 2023-01-06 16:52:54 +00:00

A zabbix sender protocol implementation in Lua, for pushing data to Zabbix trapper items directly from you Lua code.

Updated 2021-11-24 14:35:25 +00:00

A tiny “Whats my IP address” - service written in Lua, using the lua-http library.

Updated 2021-11-05 16:42:35 +00:00

Some plugins for the XMPP Bot luabot

Updated 2021-04-19 09:17:16 +00:00

This script returns the domains and what percentage of your followers belong to them.

Updated 2021-04-19 09:16:51 +00:00

Download custom emoji's from Mastodon or Pleroma instances.

Updated 2021-04-19 09:16:29 +00:00