No-frills, easy to use, easy to maintain Email client for Android based on the JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP).
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Proof of concept e-mail (JMAP) client (pronounced "Letters"). Makes heavy use of Android Jetpack to be more maintainable than some of the other Android e-mail clients.

Android screenshot

If the above screenshots dont do enough to convince you, you can watch this short video on YouTube.

Features, and design considerations:

  • Heavily cached, but not fully offline capable. makes use of JMAPs great caching capabilities. However, marking a thread as read does round-trip to the server to update things such as read count. The action itself wont get lost even if performed offline.
  • Account setup and done. Settings invite feature creep and its friend unmaintainability.
  • Minimal dependencies. Third party libraries are often of poor quality, and end up unmaintained. Only widely known, highly tested libraries from reputable vendors.
  • Native Autocrypt support.
  • Based on jmap-mua, a headless e-mail client, or a library that handles everything an e-mail client would, aside from data storage and UI. There is also lttrs-cli, which uses the same library.
  • Looks to Gmail for inspiration in cases of uncertainty.

Try it

You can download either from F-Droid, or for a small fee from Google Play.

If you want to use F-Droid you can also use our F-Droid repository instead of the official one:

All three versions are signed with the same key, so it is possible to switch between them.

Attention: You need a JMAP capable e-mail server to use

As of October 2022, the main options are:

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