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A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator

Updated 14 minutes ago

A free and cloudless replacement for your gadget vendors' closed source Android applications. See the list for supported devices.

Updated 6 hours ago

FitoTrack - A privacy oriented fitness tracker for Android

Updated 7 hours ago

A simple library for font loading and glyph rasterization using FontConfig, FreeType and pixman.

Updated 12 hours ago

SQL Workbench/J Git Repository

Updated 1 day ago

A PCIe interface for the ECP5 FPGA written in nMigen

Updated 2 days ago

MC - MediaCollector. A WebApplication for managing Records and CDs.

Updated 2 days ago

Multimode SDR transceiver for GNU radio

Updated 3 days ago

Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland, inspired by https://github.com/jaagr/polybar

Updated 3 days ago

Updated 3 days ago

German Corona App without proprietary Google libraries

Updated 5 days ago

MicroDexed is a compatible 6-operator-FM-synth based on the Teensy(-3.6/-4.x) Microcontroller.

Updated 6 days ago

The Guttman-Green R-tree spatial indexing algorithm, as a library

Updated 6 days ago

Rust crate to implement at least parts of the PBRT book's C++ code. See also https://www.rs-pbrt.org/about ...

Updated 7 days ago

An official mirror (for now...) of the FreeCAD project. Currently maintained in sync manually by Yorik. Please check https://www.freecadweb.org for issues and pull requests

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