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class NoSuchJSONAPIVersionException(Exception):
class JSONAPIVersionUnsupportedByServer(Exception):
def __init__(self, supported_versions):
self.supported_versions = supported_versions
super(JSONAPIVersionUnsupportedByServer, self).__init__()
class NoCommonJSONAPIVersions(Exception):
class JSONAPIVersionNegotiationFailed(Exception):
class UnspecifiedJSONAPIVersion(Exception):
class HandlerException(Exception):
exit_code = 1
message = 'Undefined error in file handling'
class InvalidJSONDataError(HandlerException):
exit_code = 2
message = 'Invalid JSON data from stdin'
class NoCommandError(HandlerException):
exit_code = 3
message = 'No command specified'
class NotADictError(HandlerException):
exit_code = 4
message = 'The JSON data is valid, but not a dictionary'
class InvalidCommandError(HandlerException):
exit_code = 5
message = 'Invalid command: `{}`'
class SourceFileDoesNotExist(HandlerException):
exit_code = 6
message = 'Source file does not exist: `{}`'
class UserFacingException(Exception):