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# After stable version, never introduce a backwards-compatibility-breaking change here!
from panban.json_api import exceptions, get_api_version
import json
def get_version(json):
return json['version']
except KeyError:
raise exceptions.UnspecifiedJSONAPIVersion()
def encode_command(version, command, source, arguments=None):
cmd_dict = {
'command': command,
'source': source,
'version': version,
if arguments is not None:
cmd_dict['arguments'] = arguments
return json.dumps(cmd_dict)
def decode_command(json_data):
if isinstance(json_data, str):
json_data = json.loads(json_data)
elif not isinstance(json_data, dict):
raise TypeError("json_data needs to be dict or str, not %s."
% type(json_data).__name__)
command_string = json_data['command']
version = json_data.get('version', None)
source = json_data['source']
arguments = json_data.get('arguments', None)
command = PortableCommand(version, command_string, source, arguments)
return command
class PortableNode(object):
# A read-only representation of the data of a node
def __init__(self):
self.label = None = None
self.children = []
self.parent = None
self.pos = None
self.prio = None
self.creation_date = None
self.completion_date = None
self.attrs = {}
self._raw_json = None
def is_root(self):
return not self.parent
def __repr__(self):
return '<PortableNode "%s" children=[%s]>' % (
self.label, ', '.join(self.children))
def from_json(json_api, json_data):
return json_api.decode_node(json_data)
def to_json(self, json_api):
return json_api.encode_node(
class PortableResponse(object):
version: The version of the JSON API used to encode the data
status: Did the request succeed or not? Can be
- PortableResponse.STATUS_OK
- PortableResponse.STATUS_FAIL
features: A list of strings from json_api_vX.AVAILABLE_FEATURES
data: A dict of data that depends on the request sent by the client.
STATUS_OK = 'ok'
STATUS_FAIL = 'fail'
def __init__(self, version, status, features=None, data=None):
self.status = status = data
self.version = version
self.features = features
self.json_api = get_api_version(version)
def to_json(self):
return self.json_api.encode_response(self.status,,
def from_json(json_api, json_data):
return json_api.decode_response(json_data)
class PortableCommand(object):
Note: The version of the command refers to the requested version of the
data in the response, not the version of the command request itself.
The command request is not versioned as of now.
def __init__(self, version, command, source, arguments=None):
self.command = command
self.arguments = arguments
self.version = version
self.source = source
#self.json_api = get_api_version(version)
def to_json(self):
return encode_command(self.version, self.command, self.source, self.arguments)
def from_json(json_data):
return decode_command(json_data)