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A modular kanban tool with swappable front-ends and database interfaces. It allows you to view various kinds of structured data as a kanban board, with a consistent UI. Currently supported data formats are:

  • Markdown lists (read+write)
  • todo.txt (read+write)
  • GitHub issues (read only)

This project is an early (albeit functional) prototype, not actively in development anymore.

Key bindings

key action
j move down
k move up
h move to the column on the left
l move to the column on the right
ENTER edit entry
z toggle visibility of metadata
A add new entry
X delete entry
R reload entries
q or TAB change the tab/project
Q quit

As of 2019-04-22, it is necessary to reload after certain operations to ensure that the program doesn't crash. To be on the safe side, just reload the data with R after every operation.

How to run

  • ./ -b todotxt test/todo.txt
  • ./ -b markdown test/