A prototype for a learning program that combines lectures with flash cards
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MemoJutsu (prototype)


MemoJutsu (working title) is a system for studying and teaching concepts related to any imaginable topic.

  • It is free software, giving you full control over everything,
  • comfortable to use from a PC, smartphone or tablet,
  • offers textbook-quality lecture material, organized into stand-alone descriptions of concepts,
  • keeps track of your progress as you read through it,
  • ensures permanent learning by systematically reminding you of the material through supplemental flash cards.


I want to be able to read well-structured learning material on subjects I'm interested in. Comfortably, at my own pace, no matter where I am. Designed by teachers who know what they are doing. And keep it in my brain permanently, without writing notes or creating flashcards.

When I read Wikipedia articles, papers or university material, I often end up forgetting the concepts eventually. To compensate, I started using flashcard programs with spaced repetition systems. But when I make the flashcards myself, I spend too much time on researching, writing and designing. When I use premade flashcards, I lack the context to understand them thoroughly. MemoJutsu could provide a system that eliminates all of these disadvantages, giving you a smooth and motivating learning experience.


  1. Pick a topic you are interested in
  2. Read through the text
  3. Review the relevant concepts with flash cards
  4. Optionally, add the flash cards to your deck for later review
  5. Unlock new topics with your newly gained knowledge

Implementation Draft

  • A responsive JavaScript front-end with several modes:
    1. Topic Selection (sequential list or "skill tree")
    2. Topic Reader
    3. Flashcard Reviewer
    4. Content Editor for teachers
  • A server that centrally stores user information and the knowledge base and also serves the HTML/JS. It can be run by the user to avoid privacy issues.
  • The knowledge base is organized into topics.
    • Each topic is a stand-alone hypertext document that explains a certain concept.
    • Topics can have other topics as prerequisites, in order to build up a body of knowledge
  • Flashcards supplement the learning material
    • After reading a topic, the user can decide to add the relevant flashcards to the flashcard deck.
    • The user is asked to review the flashcards regularly, using a spaced repetition system for optimal memory performance.

How to run the prototype?

  1. Download the repository
  2. open prototype/index.html in your browser