Visualizes information flow connections in humans
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This is a database of information flow connections in humans, mostly concerned with the human brain and sensory organs.

It consists of 3 CSV (comma-separated values) files:

  • nodes.csv: A list of relevant organs, receptors, brain areas or nerves. Each has a unique identifier that indicates its location (like cns.brainstem.midbrain), a short and a full name, attributes which can be used in visualizations, and a link to the Wikipedia page.
  • edges.csv: A list of connections between those nodes with a link to the source and additional attributes indicating the type of connection.
  • functions.csv: A list describing functional properties of the nodes along with a link to the source

The CSV files are merged from different sources. Connectobase combines connectivity data from MRI evaluations by with manual research. Further sources would be accepted gratefully.


This project includes a generator script for a graphviz visualization which can be generated yourself or viewed at .

It generates multiple directed graphs as HTML image maps, one for every "view" that emphasizes different aspects of the database. They can be viewed in the browser, are linked with the Wikipedia pages and sources, and have a list of functions for each node (if available) as tool tips.

More visualizations of this data would be appreciated.


  • The full name of a node may be empty if it is equal to the short name.
  • The source field of a few edges may be empty. Treat this data as anecdotal.


The programs and databases are provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of this programs and databases is with you.