Static HTML status page that's feeded by JSON
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Static status page that's feeded by JSON. No server-side language needed to use this page.


Configuring the page requires 3 JSON files (or custom providers) located under static/config/.

You can check the valid formats on the docs folder.


This is the main configuration file that personalizes the page.


Current status of the services to display. Services are grouped.


History of status. Can be disabled on config.json

Single file for status and history

It's possible to use a single file for both status and history, just set the same URL for both options on config.json

Using custom providers

Since this page is populated using JSON files, you can setup a custom service to provide the required information and have a automatic status page. Just make sure to serve the correct JSON objects.

You can also use a custom service for the config.json, just change the endpoint in /static/js/script.js. Tip, it's on the CONFIG_PATH constant.


The software is under the MIT license.