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This is (opinionated) OpenRC runscript for QEMU virtual machines.

You don’t need libvirt and its awful XML configs to use QEMU/KVM!


  • OpenRC

  • Bash or Busybox’s ash (should work also with other POSIX shells)

  • socat

  • Linux kernel with virtio drivers



Alpine Linux

Install package qemu-openrc:

apk add qemu-openrc


  1. Install socat:

    emerge -av net-misc/socat  # on Gentoo
    apk add socat  # on Alpine
  2. Clone this repository and jump in:

    git clone
    cd qemu-openrc
  3. Install runscript, example config and qemush utility:

    make install

    You may use standard GNU variables such as DESTDIR, prefix, bindir… to specify the target directories.

How to configure a new VM

  1. Symlink runscript qemu for your new VM named jarvis:

    cd /etc/init.d
    ln -s qemu qemu.jarvis
  2. Configure your new VM:

    cd /etc/conf.d
    cp qemu qemu.jarvis
    vim qemu.jarvis
  3. Start your new VM:

    rc-service qemu.jarvis start


This project is licensed under MIT License.