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# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2022 Hugo Rodrigues
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
# The namespace of the collection. This can be a company/brand/organization or product namespace under which all
# content lives. May only contain alphanumeric lowercase characters and underscores. Namespaces cannot start with
# underscores or numbers and cannot contain consecutive underscores
namespace: hmrodrigues
# The name of the collection. Has the same character restrictions as 'namespace'
name: xenorchestra
# The version of the collection. Must be compatible with semantic versioning
version: 1.0.3
# The path to the Markdown (.md) readme file. This path is relative to the root of the collection
# A list of the collection's content authors. Can be just the name or in the format 'Full Name <email> (url)
# @nicks:irc/'
- Hugo Rodrigues <>
### OPTIONAL but strongly recommended
# A short summary description of the collection
description: Ansible role to setup Xen Orchestra
# Either a single license or a list of licenses for content inside of a collection. Ansible Galaxy currently only
# accepts L(SPDX, licenses. This key is mutually exclusive with 'license_file'
# A list of tags you want to associate with the collection for indexing/searching. A tag name has the same character
# requirements as 'namespace' and 'name'
- xen
- orchestra
- xenorchestra
dependencies: {}
# The URL of the originating SCM repository
# The URL to any online docs
# The URL to the homepage of the collection/project
# The URL to the collection issue tracker
# A list of file glob-like patterns used to filter any files or directories that should not be included in the build
# artifact. A pattern is matched from the relative path of the file or directory of the collection directory. This
# uses 'fnmatch' to match the files or directories. Some directories and files like 'galaxy.yml', '*.pyc', '*.retry',
# and '.git' are always filtered
build_ignore: []