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Ansible Role: Xen Orchestra

Builds Xen Orchestra on Debian or EL


Debian 11 or EL 8

Role Variables

Available variables are listed below, along with default values (see defaults/main.yml):

# Select the commit to build. Currently is pointing to 5.69.1
xo_commit: "f5b7c59203e470613b3cc179f01249eb290e0f3b"

# System user that will run XO
xo_user: "xo"

# Where XO sources are located
xo_root: "/opt/xen-orchestra"

# xo-server plugins to enable
xo_plugins: []

# FQDN used to access XO
xo_hostname: "xenorchestra.local"

# Use Caddy as a reverse proxy and HTTPS handler
# This will run XO on lo interface
use_caddy: true

# Adds --use-openssl-ca to NODE_OPTIONS
use_openssl_ca: false

# HTTP proxy to set for xo-server
http_proxy: ""



Example playbook

- hosts: all
  become: true

    - role: hmrodrigues.xenorchestra.xenorchestra
          - xo-server-web-hooks
          - xo-server-audit
          - xo-server-transport-email
          - xo-server-usage-report
        xo_hostname: xo.example.local