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Idk why but I wrote my own static cms.

Writing Posts

Posts go in content/posts and are formatted in Markdown. The basic structure is as follows:

// The first line of the document(which must contain a header 1) is used as
// the blog title
# Title

// The first occurrence of a * is used for the date which must be formatted
// like so
*Month(March) day_num(1), Year(2018)*

// The first paragraph is used for the description/summary
Insert some content here. This will be shown on the home page as a description.

Here is another paragraph containing more markdown formatted content.

Generating a static site

Note: This assumes you already have all the python deps installed (pipenv install) as well having the css, js and rust code compiled (see Compiling stuffs).

$ python3 -m blog

The public directory should now contain a static version of the blog

Running dev server

$ FLASK_DEBUG=True FLASK_APP=blog flask run

Compiling stuffs

This project is a mishmash of code.

Webpack (Scss/Js)

$ npm run build


Note: This project depends on rust nightly.

Note: Matruin is a python application thus is installed as a dev dependency by pipenv.

$ maturin develop

Random things to note

  • Code highlighting is supported; Provided by pygments
  • blog/static/ is where to throw static stuffs like images
  • Js and SCSS is stored in blog/src/
  • src/ is for rust source code