A quick port of GitHub/BitBucket HTML preview for use with Codeberg. https://htmlpreview.codeberg.page/
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Codeberg HTML Preview

Many Codeberg repositories don't use Codeberg Pages to host their HTML files. Codeberg HTML Preview allows you to render those files without cloning or downloading whole repositories. It is a client-side solution using a CORS proxy to fetch assets.

If you try to open raw version of any HTML, CSS or JS file in a web browser directly from Codeberg, all you will see is a source code. Codeberg forces them to use the "text/plain" content-type, so they cannot be interpreted. This script overrides it by using a CORS proxy.


In order to use it, just prepend this fragment to the URL of any HTML file: http://htmlpreview.codeberg.eu/? e.g.:

What it does is: load HTML using CORS proxy, then process all links, frames, scripts and styles, and load each of them using CORS proxy, so they can be evaluated by the browser.


© 2019 Jerzy Głowacki under Apache License 2.0.