• Pre-Release v0.4.0 5d290d0c51


    ddarknut released this 2 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • Added a style menu with options for font sizes and color theme.
    • Improved leaderboard view with an added search function.
    • Added a timeline view to the stats window, showing how bets fluctuate over the duration bets are open.
    • Improved irc parser and netcode, should be more reliable than it was.
    • The program now asks Twitch for the chatter list after connecting, and uses it to populate the leaderboard. Note: Twitch does not seem to send the list if it is very big, so on channels with large viewership this feature won't make a difference.
    • Points and bets are now capped at 9 quintillion.
    • Improved settings window usability.
    • The GUI now makes use of icons here and there for easier visual parsing.
    • The program will now try to reconnect if Twitch unexpectedly closes the connection.
    • Bug fixes:
      • Collapse consecutive spaces in option names (they would prevent chatters from the name with the bet command).
      • Trim leading digits in option names (they would be ambiguous with option numbers when using the bet command).
      • The program can now launch if placed in a directory with non-English/non-ASCII characters in the path.

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