• Pre-Release v0.3.0 09d6cea800


    ddarknut released this 2 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • Added an alternative mode for when viewers bet on the same option again called Add mode, where subsequent bets add onto the wager instead of replacing it. The old behavior is called Set mode and is the default for now.
    • Viewers can now use a negative number as the amount when using the bet command. In Add mode this results in subtraction from the wager. In Set mode it removes the bet, as if "bet 0" was used.
    • Viewers can now bet on options using the option name instead of the option's index number. This is case insensitive, but other than that they must type the name exactly right.
    • If a viewer tries to bet using more points than they have available, the max amount is used instead, as if "bet all" was used. Until now, the command would be ignored.
    • Settings are now stored in a backwards compatible format, so starting with the next version you won't have to input your settings again after updates.
    • Got rid of the "anonymous mode." I couldn't see a use case where it would be useful at all.
    • The program now statically links with the runtime library, meaning you don't need any extra dll files in the program folder.
    • Adjusted message rates. The bot doesn't spam quite as much when in moderator mode, but is still twice as fast as non-moderator mode.
    • The GUI now makes slightly better use of the window width in the option list.
    • Links in the help section are now clickable.
    • Updated contact email address in help section.
    • Improved logging of errors.
    • Bug fixes:
      • Now prevents integer overflow when handing out points.
      • Fix a buffer overflow that might happen while the stats window was open.

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