Lightweight Python 3+ client library for Kubernetes (pykube-ng)
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.PHONY: test docs package upload
VERSION ?= $(shell git describe --tags --always --dirty)
default: package
rm -fr build dist *egg-info .tox/ .cache/ .pytest_cache/ docs/_build/
pipenv run flake8
pipenv run coverage run --source=pykube -m py.test
pipenv run coverage html
pipenv run coverage report
# update autodoc, only needs to be run when new modules are added
pipenv run sphinx-apidoc pykube -o docs/api/ -T --force
pipenv run sphinx-build -M html docs docs/_build
package: test
pipenv run python3 sdist bdist_wheel
pipenv run twine check dist/pykube*
upload: package
pipenv run twine upload dist/pykube*
sed -i "s/__version__ = .*/__version__ = '${VERSION}'/" pykube/