Lightweight Python 3+ client library for Kubernetes (pykube-ng)
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  • Added PodDisruptionBudget
  • Added HTTP timeout (default: 10 seconds)


  • New release as pykube-ng
  • Removed Python 2.7 compatibility
  • Removed HTTPie plugin
  • Added some tests


  • added Kubernetes API objects:
    • CronJob
    • PodSecurityPolicy
    • LimitRange
  • pykube namespace exposes PersistentVolume and PersistentVolumeClaim
  • Ensure six >= 1.10.0 is installed (fixed #116)
  • StatefulSet learned to scale by inheriting from ReplicatedMixin and ScalableMixin
  • Query learned to carry forward field selector during a clone
  • learned to carry forward all query parameters
  • APIObject learned watch to enable per-object watches
  • Deployment learned to roll back using rollout_undo similar to kubectl rollout undo deployment



  • added Kubernetes API objects:
    • Role
    • ClusterRole
    • RoleBinding
    • ClusterRoleBinding
    • StatefulSet
  • HTTPClient learned to handle GKE OAuth authentication
  • HTTPClient learned version to report Kubernetes version
  • Pod learned to retrieve logs for containers
  • Query.filter learned to scope based on fields
  • Fixed handling of Kubernetes certificates for Python versions < 3.5
  • Kubernetes 1.5 compatibility
  • APIObject learned metadata and labels properties
  • KubeConfig learned namespace and depedent objects use it more sanely



  • added Kubernetes API objects:
    • Event
    • ResourceQuota
    • ServiceAccount
    • ThirdPartyResource
    • PetSet
    • HorizontalPodAutoscaler
  • KubeConfig learned to handle empty or missing user configuration
  • HTTPClient learned to create an HTTP session with no authentication
  • Deployment learned to report itself ready

Bug fixes

  • WatchQuery learned to query against non-v1 API objects



  • APIObject learned to use JSON Merge Patch instead of JSON Patch
  • Deployment and ReplicaSet learned scale method

Bug fixes

  • Job.scale fixed to work as advertised
  • Pod.ready learned to handle no conditions as empty conditions


Bug fixes

  • CRITICAL: Query._clone learned to copy the selector


Bug fixes

  • Query.get re-learned how to return a single object from the query cache
  • HTTPClient learned how to handle no namespace to produce correct URLs


Bug fixes

  • HTTPClient learned to issue requests against the batch APIs


pykube is now hosted under the Kel Project.


  • added Kubernetes API object: ReplicaSet
  • Job object uses batch/v1 kind
  • Job object learned to scale to a new number of replicas

Bug fixes

  • HTTPClient learned to warn when an IP hostname is used on Python < 3.5



  • added Kubernetes API objects: ConfigMap and Ingress
  • KubeConfig.from_file learned to expand ~ shortcut in paths
  • KubeConfig.from_service_account learned to take a custom path
  • added kind attribute to all API objects

Bug fixes

  • RollingUpdater learned to validate selectors and labels (matching kubectl)



  • added Kubernetes API objects: Deployment, Job, PersistentVolume and PersistentVolumeClaim
  • improved exception message when Kubernetes API responds with an error

Bug fixes

  • added DaemonSet to public API