Some example templates as SVG for laser cutting
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Visual Cryptography

Generate visual cryptography cards to laser cut.


poetry install
poetry run ./ --text=MyText out.svg

To render all glyphs of the 3x3 font:

poetry run ./ test.svg --only-data-bits --font 3x3.bdf --width=32 --height=44 --space-x=0.6 --space-y=0.6 --card-width=150 --card-height=200 --text '"'"'"'+,-./0123456789:<=>?ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdfhijlmnoruv{}~' --skip-rows=4 --skip-cols=4 --shape=3dots


  • 3x3.bdf: very small 3x3 pixel font, not all characters are available (best used with --skip-cols and --skip-rows set to 4)
  • tom-thumb.bdf: small 5x7 pixel font, all ASCII characters available (best used with --skip-cols=4 and --skip-rows=6)
  • bitocra.bdf: large OCR font


Generate cards with the letters A-K on two rows using the default font tom-thumb.bdf:

poetry run ./ out.svg --skip-cols=4 --skip-rows=6 --text=ABCDEFGHIJK --space-x=0.6 --space-y=0.6