Kubernetes + Python = ❤
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Simplified example script to set replicas to zero, no error handling!
See https://github.com/hjacobs/kube-downscaler for a production-ready controller to downscale
import datetime, os, pykube, time
while True:
# loads in-cluster auth or local ~/.kube/config for testing
config = pykube.KubeConfig.from_env()
api = pykube.HTTPClient(config)
# no timezone handling!
weekday = datetime.datetime.today().isoweekday()
is_weekend = weekday in (6, 7) or os.getenv("ALWAYS_WEEKEND")
for deploy in pykube.Deployment.objects(api, namespace=pykube.all):
if "scale-down-on-weekend" in deploy.annotations and is_weekend:
print(f"Updating deployment {deploy.namespace}/{deploy.name}..")
deploy.replicas = 0