Kubernetes Web View to list and view all Kubernetes resources https://kube-web-view.readthedocs.io/
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Henning Jacobs 9b79fcdef1 v19.12.0 3 weeks ago
templates v19.12.0 3 weeks ago
__init__.py v19.12.0 3 weeks ago
__main__.py sane logging / --debug flag 5 months ago
cluster_discovery.py type hints for mypy 1 month ago
cluster_manager.py additional type hints 1 month ago
example_hooks.py fix example hook for e2e 2 months ago
jinja2_filters.py #86 fix age color for dark themes (darkly, slate, superhero) 3 months ago
kubernetes.py #49 allow showing CPU/Memory usage 5 months ago
main.py parse links only once as CLI param 2 months ago
query_params.py define query params in module 4 months ago
resource_registry.py type hints for mypy 1 month ago
selector.py type hints for mypy 1 month ago
table.py #90 allow filtering namespaces (--include-namespaces/--exclude-namespaces) 3 months ago
web.py ignore remaining mypy errors 1 month ago