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<h4 class="title is-5">Events</h4>
<table class="table is-striped">
{% for event in events: %}
<td class="{{ get_cell_class("events", "Type", event.obj.type) }}">{{ event.obj.type }}</td>
<td class="{{ get_cell_class("events", "Reason", event.obj.reason) }}">{{ event.obj.reason }}</td>
<td style="color:{{ age_color(event.obj.lastTimestamp, days=1) }}">{{ event.obj.lastTimestamp.replace('T', ' ').replace('Z', '') if event.obj.lastTimestamp else "Unknown" }}</td>
<td>{{ event.obj.source.component }}</td>
<td>{{ event.obj.message }}</td>
{% else: %}
<td colspan="5">No events found.</td>
{% endfor %}