Kubernetes Web View to list and view all Kubernetes resources https://kube-web-view.readthedocs.io/
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Henning Jacobs 011c784bbd v22.11.0 6 days ago
templates v22.11.0 6 days ago
__init__.py v22.11.0 6 days ago
__main__.py sane logging / --debug flag 3 years ago
cluster_discovery.py update dependencies 6 days ago
cluster_manager.py avoid potential race condition 3 years ago
example_hooks.py pydocstyle 3 years ago
jinja2_filters.py fix None reference 9 months ago
joins.py update dependencies incl. black 2 years ago
kubernetes.py update dependencies 9 months ago
main.py Add timestamp-links arg 2 years ago
query_params.py define query params in module 3 years ago
resource_registry.py update dependencies 6 days ago
selector.py pre-commit hooks and code formatting 3 years ago
table.py pydocstyle 3 years ago
web.py allow listing ALL resource types in a namespace with _all 3 months ago