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  Henning Jacobs e2b7175963 do not fail on limited access 1 day ago
  Henning Jacobs 9646a6ae61 shutdown wait (?) 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs a93c6a325e fix shutdown wait 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 4bbf63812a wait 10s after SIGTERM for graceful exit 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs ba78dda04e anchor.js is not used 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 46ee20fdc5 optimize search 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 6c21c6580f optimize filter_table 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs f6e6198720 tweak example 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 2472074e97 + Cluster Registry example 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 0f920024a6 #61 switch to Debian base image to assess performance impact 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 990f21c42e #62 fix concurrency bug where session tokens could leak to other requests 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs af3dd4faf0 fix Docker build 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 6aa4c1e4df PyPI README/descr 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 430ee129f7 PyPI descriptor 2 days ago
  Henning Jacobs bccf6ce863 link blog post 3 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 54cdc7ac60 grammar 4 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 59a6436205 example Python hook 4 days ago
  Henning Jacobs c080054184 link to docs 4 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 6994237e5a using CalVer 4 days ago
  Henning Jacobs fd7a717554 docs on OAuth hook 4 days ago
  Henning Jacobs fc3de8d474 Allow OAuth hook to validate login: --oauth2-authorized-hook 4 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 3430387dff fix potential KeyError 4 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 014887b2b8 how to use GitHub as OAuth provider 5 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 13dd7c5c8b #47 highlight text matches in search results 5 days ago
  Henning Jacobs d81fa3d4a9 allow searching selected namespaces 5 days ago
  Henning Jacobs ccfaa44331 allow searching in selected clusters 5 days ago
  Henning Jacobs d5c64b5ebf allow filtering clusters by name or label value 5 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 9df5692ba5 #57 group errors by cluster on search and list page 5 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 3291c462f3 how to use Google OAuth 5 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 4a49e931d9 OAuth flow: add redirect_uri (required by Google OAuth server) 5 days ago
  Henning Jacobs e333e64afc docs on --cluster-auth-use-session-token 6 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 1208d4bc2b allow merging arbitrary tables (with diff. columns) 6 days ago
  Henning Jacobs 76d1760236 respect "expires_in" returned by OAuth2 provider 6 days ago
  Henning Jacobs d7eff0dec4 show meta created below title on mobile 6 days ago
  Henning Jacobs cca588ca91 allow filtering clusters by --cluster-label-selector 6 days ago
  Henning Jacobs b6e4293b4a allow setting default label columns 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs 3dae52402d docs: customization intro 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs f416edf161 link kube-resource-report 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs 8536b24aaa show creation time on resource view 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs 5b913cd5e9 sort resource types on cluster page 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs a13c509994 document search options 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs b9ff575984 allow configuring search resource types 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs cf58ea074e home: redirect to cluster if we only have one 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs a24475e933 how to define external links 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs af5b26aa36 Merge branch 'external-links' of hjacobs/kube-web-view into master 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs 5bd0ea3a0c #12 new --label-links option 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs 01c4ad74b8 #12 new option --object-links to link to external tools 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs ed00b0aec5 add missing files 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs d7d077ec3b Merge branch 'owner-refs' of hjacobs/kube-web-view into master 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs e942b36417 test owner links 1 week ago