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  Henning Jacobs 67453dcf7e Merge branch 'larrycai-patch-1' of larrycai/kube-web-view into master 1 week ago
  Larry Cai a18959de0d remove flake8 in pip 1 week ago
  Larry Cai 9653b3d2f6 add poetry in front of flake8 1 week ago
  Larry Cai d5bf1a23dc add usage for docker env 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs c2e28a0f4a update dependencies 1 week ago
  Henning Jacobs e51dd3ca6d document namespace filtering and themes 2 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs 1b555dafd5 change local config to only exclude forbidden namespace 2 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs 664b3237e5 #90 full match for namespace patterns 2 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs f053a07261 #90 allow "_all" namespace as we filter rows anyway 2 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs efb0dca7fe #90 allow filtering namespaces (--include-namespaces/--exclude-namespaces) 2 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs 4bf2c072b4 #86 fix age color for dark themes (darkly, slate, superhero) 2 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs 04dd90b5cc use theme settings also for navbar 2 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs ed8087bd56 theme settings file to configure button dark/light 2 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs d1e2666466 + flatly and slate themes 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs c5b1d3bd1a another docs fix for kubectl proxy usage 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs db73ab8294 fix docs on how to use kubectl proxy 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs 53d4955feb Merge branch 'dark-mode' of hjacobs/kube-web-view into master 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs fd3a0dfa27 theme buttons (light/dark) 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs 1e355c9dc7 superhero CSS 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs cf221e0d52 darkly theme 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs 8ee4c53f2b allow setting the CSS theme in preferences 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs d365aecbce theme CLI options (--default-theme, --theme-options) 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs 1084ea414f themes 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs c639c47372 dark mode CSS 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs 90ae08c11d permalink for collapsed sections 3 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs 8161afe300 #81 use kubeconfig if --kubeconfig-path is set 4 weeks ago
  Henning Jacobs 049b8c6aff extend tests 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs ddeaecb795 update dependencies 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs e07835fd93 #79 automatic column names for "customcols" 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs a185f969b6 animate reload button 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 18f24db6b1 "refresh" -> "reload" 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 47604f6710 button to auto-refresh the page 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 5bd1e4e721 refresh query parameter 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs d04270d78e #74 encode OAuth state param as base64 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 109a6e8c28 collapsible sections for resource detail view 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 6071464df7 v19.9.1 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 46aaeb7dc0 update dependencies 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs aa55af13de document link icons 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs d4b992f25d accept icon and title options for custom links 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 2966de8e92 fix CLI option --cluster-auth-use-session-token in docs 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs b0aaa368ce v19.9.0 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs cc9480d1e1 document --cluster-auth-token-path 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 97bc33645b replace versions everywhere 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 940c6756c7 add --cluster-auth-token-path option 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs c471aaa1da some docs for setting up kube-web-view 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 53edf2a229 how to keep kind cluster 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 75c384e27c using pytest-kind for port forwarding 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs d27c96a190 clean up Makefile 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 47ca706614 use pytest-kind 1 month ago
  Henning Jacobs 70111da485 add missing pod status colors 1 month ago