Clean up (delete) Kubernetes resources after a configured TTL (time to live)
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Kubernetes Janitor cleans up (deletes) Kubernetes resources on (1) a configured TTL (time to live) or (2) a configured expiry date (absolute timestamp).

This chart helps you deploy kube-janitor as CronJob on your Kubernetes cluster. You can find the original repo here:


The deployment option for this chart currently only support CronJob type. Please checkout Kubernete's docs for more info on CronJob's config options. You can check out more configuration examples on kube-janitor's own README for more of the package's options.

Some of the default values are not specified in the values.yaml and are instead inherited the default from upstream.

Parameter Description Type Default
image.repository Image repository string hjacobs/kube-janitor
image.tag Image tag string 20.4.1
image.pullPolicy Image pull policy string IfNotPresent
cron.schedule CronJobSpec for set the schedule of the CronJob resource string */5 * * * *
cron.successfulJobsHistoryLimit CronJobSpec for number of successful jobs to keep integer 3 (k8s default)
cron.failedJobsHistoryLimit CronJobSpec for number of failed jobs to keep integer 3
cron.startingDeadlineSeconds CronJobSpec for number of length of time window (in seconds) within which to check for jobs failed to run integer unset
cron.suspend CronJobSpec for telling the controller whether to suspend subsequent jobs boolean false (k8s default)
kubejanitor.dryRun Deployed in dry-run mode only. The job will print out what would be done, but does not make changes boolean false
kubejanitor.debug Run in debug-mode boolean false
kubejanitor.once Run once and exit. This MUST BE true for running as a CronJob boolnea true
kubejanitor.interval Interval for rerunning the execution ONLY USE WHEN not running in CronJob ie. once is set to false string 30s (kube-janitor default)
kubejanitor.includeResources List of k8s resource types to include, ex. deployment,svc,ingress all resources (kube-janitor default)
kubejanitor.excludeResources List of k8s resource types to exclude events,controllerrevisions (kube-janitor default)
kubejanitor.includeNamespaces List of namespaces to include all namespaces (kube-janitor default)
kubejanitor.excludeNamespaces List of namespaces to exclude kube-system (kube-janitor default)
resources PodSpec for resource request and limit for CPU and memory map {}
restartPolicy PodSpec for pod restarting policy on failure string OnFailure
nodeSelector PodSpec for defining nodeSelector to deploy the pod on map {}
affinity PodSpec for defining affinity to deploy the pod on map {}
tolerations PodSpec for defining tolerations to deploy the pod on map {}