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Ship electron apps with common default keyboard shortcuts for common actions.

Actions such as Zoom In, Zoom Out, Reset Zoom, Minimize, Minimize to Tray must not carry a different keyboard shortcut for each electron app that an average user installs. This is an attempt to carve out some good defaults that can simply be referenced and incorporated into your app.

Common Actions


  • Zoom In: Ctrl =
  • Zoom Out: Ctrl -
  • Reset Zoom/Actual Size: Ctrl 0


  • Minimize: Ctrl M
  • Minimize To Tray: Ctrl Shift M
  • Close Tab/Window: Ctrl W
  • Close Application: Ctrl Q

If the app can only ever have one window only, Ctrl W must not close, that is quit, the app. It must be reserved for Ctrl Q explicitly.

Common Behaviours

Minimize To Tray

Minimize To Tray can have various implementations. For example, one could provide a toggle that allows the user to say that a close action results in a minimize to tray. This is implicit in its meaning and confusing. A better implementation is simply to have a Minimize To Tray keyboard shortcut directly, as well as an option in the Window application menu.