Draw based widgets for Red
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Red [needs: view]
#include %../everything.red
;@@ drop-down will need a higher-level list with selected item and interactivity
big-font: make font! [size: 15]
;; just for fun
spaces/templates/wheel: make-template 'text [
font: make font! [size: 27]
angle: 0
text: "⚙"
text-draw: :draw
draw: does [
angle: angle + 1 % 360
drawn: text-draw
compose/only [rotate (angle) (size / 2) (drawn)]
rate: 67
spaces/templates/rocket: make-template 'wheel [
disp: 10x10
text: "🚀"
burn?: yes
draw: does [
if burn? [disp: clip [0x0 20x20] disp + (random 3x3) - 2x2]
drawn: text-draw
size: size + 20x20
compose/only [rotate (angle) (size / 2) translate (disp) (drawn)]
define-handlers [
wheel: [on-time [space path event] [invalidate space update]]
; wheel: [on-time [space path event] [invalidate <everything> update]]
rocket: extends 'wheel []
view/no-wait [
h: host [
v: vlist 100 .. 300 spacing= 10x5 [; hint="This is the host face"
hl: row black [
text yello "Clickable URL:"
link hint="Click to follow"
row tight center [
rocket hint="Retro-styled racing space ship" with [
rocket: self
menu: reshape [
"Approve the course" #[true] (print "On our way")
"Alter the course" #[false] (rocket/angle: random 360 invalidate rocket print "Adjusting...")
"Beam me up" "🔭" (print "Zweeee..^/- Welcome onboard!")
"Thrusters overload" !(anonymize 'switch r-switch: make-space 'switch [state: on]) (
r-switch/state: rocket/burn?: not rocket/burn?
print pick ["Thrusters at maximum" "Keeping quiet"] rocket/burn?
wheel hint="Just a travelling cog"
"A" (print "A chosen")
"very long sentence" (print "okay")
"even longer sentence wow" (print "wooow")
"BB" (print "B chosen")
"CCC" (print "C chosen")
"DDDD" (print "D chosen")
"E E E E E" (print "E chosen")
rocket hint="Gray can't find his marbles"
menu=[[radial round]
"۶" (print "۶ chosen")
"🙣" (print "🙣 chosen")
"Ͽ" (print "Ͽ chosen")
"ϟ" (print "ϟ chosen")
"⚼" (print "⚼ chosen")
with [
text: "👽"
set-style 'menu/ring/round-clickable/tube/text [(font: big-font ())]
; list [switch switch with [state: on]]
label #"⚡" "Zapper here" hint="Be careful" red
label #"🌐" "Funny globe" hint="No continents" orange italic
box left red [label #"💥" "Hit" hint="Score +100" yellow bold]
label #"💨" "Whoosh" hint="Time to move on" green underline
label #"💮" "Flower store" hint="50C piece" blue
label "Label without a sigil" hint="Some hint" violet bold italic
label "Label with empty sigil" hint="Other hint" with [image: ""] underline italic
label #"🍄" "Label with a heading^/and some text" hint="Yet another hint"
label "👩🚀" "Label with a heading^/and some text^/on two lines" hint="Not helpful"
; base 0x0 rate 0:0:5 on-time [prof/show prof/reset print ["mem:" stats]]
; debug-draw
prof/show prof/reset
unless system/build/config/gui-console? [do-events]