Draw based widgets for Red
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Table of Contents


Official URL of this project: https://codeberg.org/hiiamboris/red-spaces

Examples (clickable)

Spiral editable field Table
Infinite list of items of varying size Self-containing grid


Spiral Field demo reuses the normal rectangular field space (that contains all the keyboard logic and everything) by transforming hittest coordinates in a spiral way. Rendering logic of course had to be rewritten because such complex transformations are far beyond Draw capabilities. That's why it's a bit laggy: it renders each character individually.

Table demo demonstrates how events are handled naturally even on a rotated layout.

Infinite List's trick is that when items vary in height, it's hard to provide uniform scrolling (naive desings would scroll at item granularity) and at the same time make it respond in real time to user actions.

Self-containing grid shows that there are no limitations: every space can contain any other space, or even itself (but then one has to manually limit the rendering depth or stack will overflow ☻).


Quickstart - if you just wanna use one in your program

VID/S manual - description of the layout dialect

Widget Reference - if you're interested in what Spaces are available and how they work

Creators Guide - description of the architecture that will help you write your own Spaces


Alpha stage. Some design changes possible, risk of breaking changes. Not very high-level yet.

Good enough to experiment with, and to propose design enhancements and feature requests.

By component State
Widget architecture Mostly stable
Events Mostly stable
Timers Stable
Styling Mostly stable
Focus model Mostly stable
Tabbing Mostly stable
Spatial navigation Not implemented
Resize model Need a powerful simple design idea, ideally that would apply to faces too
Layout Embedded into View layout seamlessly, but very basic: only accepts space names and with
Grid/Table Requires interactivity: columns dragging, sorting, filtering
Reactivity Waiting for PR #4529 (reactivity has to be scalable for Spaces scope)
User's guide Written
Widget reference Written
Creator's guide Written
Templates None made so far


  • make complex widgets portable and accessible
  • make it possible to create custom widgets easily
  • implement a set of complex widgets in their basic form, to serve as templates
  • test various UI framework ideas, see how they work and if they could improve View
  • make styling of UI an easy and fun undertaking
  • provide a basis for dynamic animated UIs (animation dialects and 2D game engines may be based upon this project)

Help & feedback

If you find it too complex to achieve some task, you can ask my advice on Gittard.
When you spot bugs or other issues you can report them also on Gittard or by creating an issue report or wish request in this repository. Improvement ideas are also welcome :)