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A Helm Chart for DRDB to deploy to Kubernetes

Important: This is experimental only! Do not use in production

How to use

  • The helm-drdb directory contains all files of the Helm chart.

  • To deploy DRDB into a Kubernetes cluster, an Ingress component needs to be present in the cluster already. This Helm chart adds an ingress rule for a given domain name.

  • The Helm chart is installed as follows:

helm install drdb ./helm-drdb --set
  • Note: Use your own domain name and make sure it points to the ingress of the Kubernetes cluster you use!

  • After the pods are up and running, initialize the DRDB database as follows. In this example, the domain name is used that was given to the helm install command above:

Background Info

  • This helm chart was created by converting the special docker-compose.yml file that uses the Docker Hub DRDB image with 'kompose'.

  • After conversion, helm specific variables were added to the yaml files so several instances of DRDB can be deployed (with different domain names) into a single Kubernetes cluster.

Permanent Virtual Storage (PV) Requirements

  • Each instance of DRDB in a cluster requires 5 PV claims!

  • Each is set to a size of 1 GB in Helm's values.yaml. Smaller values are not accepted by some managed k8s instances.

  • Some instances will automatically allocate much larger sizes, since its the minimum on those clusters. DigitalOcean, for example, allocates 10 GB as minimum PV volume size.

Update the Deployments when a new 'latest' Image is Availabe

  • To be done once a new DRDB image with tag 'latest' has been pushed to Docker Hub.

  • Helm 'release name' in the example below is 'drdb' (as in 'helm install' above):

k rollout restart deployment.apps/drdb-doc-rdb
k rollout restart deployment.apps/drdb-db

Beware: No Https Encryption

  • Currently, the helm chart only install an ingress rule for non-encrypted port 80 http requests! Https support of the ingress rule is not yet implemented.