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How the torrents.csv file looks

# torrents here...

How the torrent_files.csv looks

This is currently not stored here, as its 1.5 GB


Uploading / Adding Torrents from a Directory

An upload, consists of making a pull request after running the script, which adds torrents from a directory you choose to the .csv file, after checking that they aren't already there, and that they have seeders. It also adds their files to torrent_files.csv.



Fork this repo.

git clone[MY_USER]/torrents-csv-data
cd torrents.csv/scripts
./ MY_TORRENTS_DIR # `MY_TORRENTS_DIR` is `~/.local/share/data/qBittorrent/BT_backup/` for qBittorrent on linux, but you can search for where your torrents are stored for your client.
git commit -am "Adding [MY_USER] torrents"
git push

Then do a pull request to this repo.