minimal gemini/spartan client for the terminal
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gelim - a friendly line-mode gemini client
_gelim_ [OPTIONS] [URL]
\--help, -h
get cli help/usage
\--input, -i _string_
append "?" + _string_ percent-encoded to _URL_ (will be ignored if URL not provided)
\--no-interactive, -I
don't enter the line-mode interface (useful for just wanting to view _URL_ then exit)
\--search , -s _string_
search _string_ with the search engine. this takes priority over _URL_ and --input (which means _URL_ and --input will be ignored if this flag is used)
just run _gelim_ and optionally provide a url. it will start the line-mode interface.
at the prompt, you can directly enter a url, link index, or otherwise a command.
\help, h, ?
get help for the interface
\quit, exit, q, x
exit the program
\back, b
go to previous url in history
\forward, f
go to next url in history
print history
\reload, r
reload current page
\links, link, peek, l _number_
get link for link-index _number_ (what the link links to).
if no _number_ specified, it prints a list of all the links in the current page
\url, current, cur, u
print current url
\search, s _query_...
search _query_ with search engine