tSotaLog is a simple FLOSS app to log SOTA (Summits-on-Air) QSOs (ham radio)
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Roadmap for future versions

The following road map is mainly a list of thing I had planned at some point and hat to write down somewhere that I don't forget them (i.e. here).

  • Provide a call sign completion for known call signs. i.e. if you type 'hnt' tSotaLog should suggest HB9HNT if you already made contact in an earlier QSO.

  • Add a summit database to display summit names

Version 0.2.0

  • The option to add a /P to the callsign now adds the /P to every operator that is standing on a summit, depending on whether it's a chaser, activator or s2s log.

  • Change the layout to the mode selection so that you don't have to click ok to select a mode.

  • Add a callsign/name cache: tSotaLog will remember the comment you added along with a certain call sign and if you type the callsign again it will auto-complete the Name/Comment field. That's also why the field was renamed to 'Name/Comment'. This way you'll be able to address known contacts by name.

  • Provide a way to log as a chaser. (Limitation: At this point it won't add a /P or a /M to you call on a chaser log if requred.)

  • Fixed Issue #1: Cursor won't jump to the end of the callsign input when entering lowercase letters at another position.

  • Updates several npm packages to newer version.

  • Bumped Android target and minimum SDK versions to work with newer package versions.

  • Some code reogranisation

  • Fixed some minor layout issues

Version 0.1.0

First version atfter forking from tSotaLog