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A thing for experimenting with audio frequency modulation with one or two modulators. Sin or triangle. LFO, clipped LFO, folded LFO and log ramp. And a few more odds and ends.

python 3.7 or above

pip3 install numpy
pip3 install sounddevice

Also PyQt5

sudo apt-get install python3-pyqt5

git clone or download and extract. cd into audio-fm-mummer directory:-

cd audio-fm-mummer




Set sliders and / or buttons. click Build to build the waveform then Play. Click Loop to play in a loop. While it is looping Buid a different waveform and click Add and it will play when the current one has finished and it will loop the new one, or click Play to play it straight away. The sliders can be fine tuned with the arrow keys. Tab and Space can be used to focus and press buttons and sliders.

The modulators frequency's are further modified by ramps or lfo as a function of time.

The ramps are log base 10 of 0.0 to 1.0 (t start - t end) multiplied by slider value. FM2 Ramp Length value is a ratio (total time:value).
The noise is fade in or fade out, log base 5 of Noise Shape value to 1.0. (more positive = more shallow curve).

The Tremolo will overflow into a ring modulator for values over 0.5, try a setting of 7.0 at a slow speed (1 second), all will become clear.
The Delay slider will delay the right channel by n seconds.

The LFO Clip values can be set with sliders in a dialogue accessed from the drop down menu. Both high and low clipping values can range from -1.0 to 3.0. The LFO Fold values can be set with sliders in a dialogue accessed from the same drop down menu too. There is also a Phlaze button in there with sliders. I suppose it will do for now.


Output to any device Eg: USB audio interface. The dialogue with a list of available audio devices to select from can be accessed from the dropdown menu. Settings > Set Output Device, Blocksize and Samplerate. Click on the required device from the list then click Set / Close. The blocksize and samplerate 44100 or 48000 (default) can be adjusted with the sliders. Note: If you close the dialogue using the X in the top right corner, the stream will fail to restart. Reopen the dialogue, repeat your selection or whatever and click Set / Close to restart the stream.

Save and Recall Settings

To Save current settings Settings > Save As Presets. A dialogue will open. A snapshot of the sliders and button settings is made the moment the dialogue was opened. Give the presets a name and click Save. Close dialogue. The file will be saved to the presets directory found in the audio-fm-mummer project directory.

Recall presets Settings > Recall Presets. Click on the required preset .pickle file from the list. the dialogue will close. Job done. Arrow keys and enter key can also be used to select and apply preset.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function
p Play
b Build sound
a Add to loop
l Loop sound
s Stop
t Tremolo
f Toggle FM2
n Noise
o Ramp, LFOs and shit
Ctrl d Open Clip Dialogue
Ctrl o Output Dialogue
Ctrl s Save Presets Dialogue
Ctrl r Recall Presets Dialogue
Ctrl q Quit