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Raspberry Pi SenseHAT Desktop gimmick
Created by: hansvurst
Current version: 0.1.4
Licensed under CC0
from sense_hat import SenseHat
from time import sleep
from signal import pause
from sys import exit
# adding compatibility to SenseHAT Emulator
from sense_emu import SenseHat
except ImportError:
print("SenseHAT Emulator not available. Please install python module sense_emu for compatibility.")
# adding modules from local file system
from pkg.config import R,G,B,wh,bl,sense
from pkg.clock.clock import *
from import *
from import *
from import *
from pkg.service.system import *
def init():
sense.set_rotation(180) # alt: flip_h() or flip_v()
# change fixed rotation to dynamic solution in the future!
sense.low_light = True
serverURL, statusServer = init_system()
weatherLocation = init_weather()
return serverURL, statusServer, weatherLocation
if __name__ == "__main__":
serverURL, statusServer, weatherLocation = init()
print("Initial state of "+serverURL+" is: "+statusServer[0])
print("Fetching OWM weather data of "+weatherLocation[0]+" in "+weatherLocation[1]+".\n")
while True:
if int(str([3:5]) in [0,15,30,45]:
statusServer = check_server(serverURL)
events = sense.stick.get_events()
if events and events[-1].action == "released":
if events[-1].direction == "up":
tempCPU = get_temp_cpu()
envData, envOut = get_env_data()
sense.show_message("CPU="+str(tempCPU[0])+"'C", scroll_speed=0.075,text_colour=tempCPU[1])
sense.show_message(envOut, scroll_speed=0.075,text_colour=(100,100,100))
weatherData = get_weather(weatherLocation)
sense.load_image(get_weather_icon(weatherData)) # BUG: loading of image with relative path not optimal
elif events[-1].direction == "down":
statusServer = check_server(serverURL)
sense.show_message(serverURL[8:]+" is "+statusServer[0], scroll_speed=0.07,text_colour=statusServer[1])
elif events[-1].direction == "left":
elif events[-1].direction == "right":