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flaschenweise is a simple calculator to support the people behind a bar not having a cash register to calculate the amount due.

It is not registering any transaction but is really just meant to counter miscalculations done by the cashier.

It is best used on a tablet, smartphone or any other touchscreen with a horizontal resolution.

All calculations are done in the browser of the client. Nothing is tracked by any means.

Just try the demo.




  • Deposits on the beverage containers (Pfand)
  • Deposit tokens (Pfandmarken)
  • Configuration via json file
  • Convenient direct link for android

missing (PR welcome)

  • translation
  • ...


On Android try adding a the website to the startup screen -- opening flaschenweise via this link will open it in fullscreen mode.

To enter an order, just click on the according beverage button. The beverage will be added to the shopping cart including potential deposit and a potential deposit token. If in return the customer brings back beverage containers realted to a deposit, press the "deposit returned" button. Click on the buttons potentially multiple times to match the order.


with an existing http-Server

Just copy the contents of this repository to your http server and access it with a browser. There are no requirements such as PHP or a Database.


You can also test run it by installing python and calling the following line inside the directory.

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8082

Afterwards open flaschenweise here http://localhost:8082.


To configure the beverages, prices, deposits and the usage of deposit tokens just edit products.json and refresh the website. The default configuration should be self-explanatory.


MIT License