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Dockerfiles and Drone-config for creating Docker images for qt5 development

ARM build

Can't get it to work with drone docker plugin

Resigning and building by hand on odroid with armbian

git clone


cd dockerBuildenvQt5/glibc

docker build --no-cache -t buildenv-glibc-qt5:latest-linux-arm -f Dockerfile-qt5 .
docker tag buildenv-glibc-qt5:latest-linux-arm hansers/buildenv-glibc-qt5:latest-linux-arm
docker push hansers/buildenv-glibc-qt5:latest-linux-arm

docker build --no-cache -t buildenv-glibc-qt5-opencv:latest-linux-arm -f Dockerfile-qt5-opencv .
docker tag buildenv-glibc-qt5-opencv:latest-linux-arm hansers/buildenv-glibc-qt5-opencv:latest-linux-arm
docker push hansers/buildenv-glibc-qt5-opencv:latest-linux-arm


cd dockerBuildenvQt5/muslibc

docker build --no-cache -t buildenv-muslibc-qt5:latest-linux-arm -f Dockerfile-qt5 .
docker tag buildenv-muslibc-qt5:latest-linux-arm hansers/buildenv-muslibc-qt5:latest-linux-arm
docker push hansers/buildenv-muslibc-qt5:latest-linux-arm

docker build --no-cache -t buildenv-muslibc-qt5-opencv:latest-linux-arm -f Dockerfile-qt5-opencv .
docker tag buildenv-muslibc-qt5-opencv:latest-linux-arm hansers/buildenv-muslibc-qt5-opencv:latest-linux-arm
docker push hansers/buildenv-muslibc-qt5-opencv:latest-linux-arm