A package to collect, test, and vendor inline c++ headers I often duplicated into other packages
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About ModernCLI

This is a package to collect and centralize testing for many inline header libraries I had written and then duplicated in other packages. These headers are being gathered under a common package that can then be vendored or use moderncli as a core dependency. Hence, one interpretation for for this package is "Modern C++" Library Interfaces.

Participation and Documentation

Basic documentation is provided as markdown files. Developer documentation can be generated from source file headers using Doxygen and the ``docgen'' target. Documentation generated from the latest release tag is found at https://doc.gnutelephony.org/moderncli.

A more complete overview of participation is provided in CONTRIBUTING.md. This project uses cmake, and c++17 for core development. I use the ctest framework for unit testing and gcovr for coverage reports. ModernCLI can be built with gcc or clang and can be tested on just about any posix platform, including bsd systems. It may also build and run on Microsoft Windows, and I may even test this with mingw and wine on Debian in the future.


Support is offered thru https://git.gnutelephony.org/moderncli/issues. When entering a new support issue, please mark it part of the support project. I also have dyfet@jabber.org. I may maintain system packaging for some GNU/Linux distributions, including Arch and Debian. I also have my own build infrastructure for Alpine Linux using ProduceIt and I publish apk binary packages thru https://public.tychosoft.com/alpine. In the future maybe other means of support will become possible.