Secure collaboration server using 0MQ and Curve.
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I use a board on gitlab to manage this project. When contributing to this project, please create an issue and label it appropriately, whether as a feature, a task, or a bug. A feature or task should be discussed first, and new features in particular should also be assigned to a milestone. New ideas and other project information can be found in the project wiki.

Merge Requests

  1. Your working branch should begin with or simply be the issue number. This assures that when the branch is merged, the matching issue is closed.

  2. Make sure all merge requests do have a matching issue of some type.

  3. Place the associated issue in the Doing state when you start to work on it.

  4. Update appropriate documentation as needed for any new change. At minimum, please update, at least for new features.

  5. I prefer to squash merges. To keep the repository clean, please also mark completed merges for deletion.

  6. All merge requests are tested in a CI pipeline running Alpine. All merges are expected to pass.


I organize sprints around milestones, as the outcome of a sprint should be a new releasable unit of work. The duration of a sprint is completion based.

Code of Conduct

Be excellent to each other. Don't be the asshole.