Bordeaux is a voice application server for modern IP telephony networks using modern C++ practices along with advances originally made in GNU Bayonne.
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# Common setup image for build and deploy
FROM alpine:3.14 as setup
RUN apk update --no-cache && apk upgrade --no-cache &&\
mkdir -p /app &&\
mkdir -p /src &&\
mkdir -p /srv/bordeaux
# Builder creates application with vendor bundle
FROM setup as build
ARG DRIVER=generic
ADD out/sources.tar ./
RUN apk add --no-cache alpine-sdk cmake openssl-libs-static fmt-dev c-ares-dev c-ares-static
RUN cmake \
-DOPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include \
RUN make install
RUN mv server/ /app
RUN strip /app/bin/*
# Final deploy image
FROM setup as deploy
LABEL maintainer="David Sugar <>"
EXPOSE 5060-5460/udp
VOLUME /srv/bordeaux
COPY --from=build /app .