Bordeaux is a voice application server for modern IP telephony networks using modern C++ practices along with advances originally made in GNU Bayonne.
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I use project boards on gitea to manage this project. When reporting issues for this project, please label it appropriately, whether as an enhancement, a task, or a bug. An enhancement or task should be discussed first, and enhancements in particular should also be assigned to the "Develop" project and added to an appropriate milestone. Bugs and support requests should be assigned to the "Support" project.

Merge Requests

  1. You should fork the public repo into your own user local copy on the gitea server and do any changes there.

  2. Your working branch should begin with or simply be the issue number if it is related to an existing issue.

  3. Create a pull request from your fork to the master branch in the main repo.

  4. If the PR is not related to an issue it may have its own project board. Otherwise leave the project board and labels blank.

  5. Update appropriate documentation as needed for any new change. At minimum, please update, at least for new features.

  6. I prefer to squash merges to keep the history simple.


Milestones are used to organize sprints, and the outcome of a sprint should be a new releasable unit of work. The duration of a sprint is completion based and may also be tracked in the "Develop" project board.

Code of Conduct

Be excellent to each other. Don't be the asshole.