Bordeaux is a voice application server for modern IP telephony networks using modern C++ practices along with advances originally made in GNU Bayonne.
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Release Notes


  • In-Progress


  • Coventry specific driver replaces sipwitch driver
  • Support vendor-free builds


  • Debug and dial plan fixes
  • Clean up event handling
  • Fixed docker builds


  • Introduce alternate allocator support
  • Remove packaging
  • General code cleanup


  • Removed println for buffering issues, use nl in format instead
  • Introduce format based system logger
  • Atomic running flag
  • Fix for exosip2 5.2.1 epoll bug


  • Migration to gitea
  • Docker migration to quay
  • Update osip2 vendoring to 5.2.1
  • Replace debug -x option with multiple -v


  • Support for Debian 10 and vendored fmt
  • Docker buildx for publish to github registry


  • Updates for packaging
  • Added bayonnectl server interface
  • Added Dockerfile to produce bordeaux containers


  • service init introduced
  • standardized logging


  • Target focus posix only
  • Simplified linting
  • Introduced ipc control manager


  • Use release for osip_free
  • Improve linting
  • Introduce format support
  • Fixed argument options list
  • Improved portability by dropping c++17 filesystem support


  • Added utility functions to verify input correctness
  • Added clang tidy policies
  • Introduced libfmt
  • Updated docgen support


  • Added docgen target
  • Added sip-hash and sip-ping commands
  • Added vendored eXosip2 build
  • Added Dialing plans in sipwitch driver
  • Added manpages for bordeaux server and config file
  • Support sip route config and static routing resolution
  • Support sip credentials in sipcraft and generic drivers
  • Support sip registration and de-registration